5 Fantasy Novels to Read in May Goddess of the River, It Waits in the Forest, and more
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5 Fantasy Novels to Read in May: Goddess of the River, It Waits in the Forest, and more

To help your ever-growing TBR list, we’ll be highlighting fantasy novels coming out each month that you should put on your radar.

Our picks will be a mix of the latest installment in a beloved series, the beginning of a brand new series, or a standalone novel that you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

May’s picks feature supernatural murders, a secret society of mediums, a quest to undo a curse, and more.

In order of release date, here are 5 fantasy novels we’re looking forward to reading in May:

The Silverblood Promise by James Logan – May 7

The Silverblood Promise

When his estranged father dies, Lukan seizes the opportunity to redeem himself by investigating his father’s death. His search takes him to a fabled city where you can buy anything. The Silverblood Promise by James Logan hits shelves on May 7.

Book Description: Lukan Gardova is a cardsharp, academy dropout, and — thanks to a duel that ended badly — the disgraced heir to an ancient noble house. His days consist of cheap wine, rigged card games, and wondering how he might win back the life he threw away.

When Lukan discovers that his estranged father has been murdered in strange circumstances, he finds fresh purpose. Deprived of his chance to make amends for his mistakes, he vows to unravel the mystery behind his father’s death.

His search for answers leads him to Saphrona, fabled city of merchant princes, where anything can be bought if one has the coin. Lukan only seeks the truth, but instead he finds danger and secrets in every shadow.

For in Saphrona, everything has a price — and the price of truth is the deadliest of all.

It Waits in the Forest by Sarah Dass – May 14

It Waits in the Forest

Selina doesn’t believe magic is real, but when strange murders start occurring on the island, she’s forced to reconsider her views. She teams up with her ex-boyfriend to investigate these murders, and along the way, she uncovers some family secrets. It Waits in the Forest by Sarah Dass hits shelves on May 14.

Book Description: Unlike the other residents of the small Caribbean Island of St. Virgil, Selina DaSilva does not believe in magic. With a logical mind and a knack for botany, Selina used to dream of leaving the island to study Pharmacology — until a vicious, unsolved attack left her father dead and her mother in a coma.

Now her guilt over her mother’s condition keeps her tethered to the island, relegated to conning gullible tourists with useless talismans and phony protection rituals. But when one of those tourists ends up at the center of a string of strange murders, the truth that Selina has been denying can no longer be there is evil lurking in the forests that surround St. Virgil. Another thing that can’t be avoided? Selina’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel, newly employed at the local newspaper and eager to put his investigative skills to use.

Desperate to put an end to the killings and claim justice for Selina’s family, these two former lovers race to find answers. But evil bides its time. And as long-buried feelings and long-hidden secrets about Selina’s family’s past begin to reveal themselves, only one answer remains — and it waits in the forest.

When Among Crows by Veronica Roth – May 14

When Among Crows

Pain is an integral part of both Dymitr’s and Ala’s life. Dymitr presents Ala with a deal; he’ll give her a flower that will rid her of her curse if she helps him track down Baba Jaga. When Among Crows by Veronica Roth releases on May 14.

Book Description: Pain is Dymitr’s calling. To slay the monsters he’s been raised to kill, he had to split his soul in half to make a sword from his own spine. Every time he draws it, he gets blood on his hands.

Pain is Ala’s inheritance. When her mother died, a family curse to witness horrors committed by the Holy Order was passed onto her. The curse will claim her life, as it did her mother’s, unless she can find a cure.

One fateful night in Chicago, Dymitr comes to Ala with a bargain: her help in finding the legendary witch Baba Jaga in exchange for an enchanted flower that just might cure her. Desperate, and unaware of what Dymitr really is, Ala agrees.

But they only have one day before the flower dies . . . and Ala’s hopes of breaking the curse along with it.

Goddess of the River by Vaishnavi Patel – May 21

Goddess of the River

This re-imaging focuses on Ganga, the river goddess, and the curse that plagued her and her son’s lives. Goddess of the River by Vaishnavi Patel releases on May 21.

Book Description: A mother and a son. A goddess and a prince. A curse and an oath. A river whose course will change the fate of the world.

Ganga, joyful goddess of the river, serves as caretaker to the mischievous godlings who roam her banks. But when their antics incur the wrath of a powerful sage, Ganga is cursed to become mortal, bound to her human form until she fulfills the obligations of the curse.

Though she knows nothing of mortal life, Ganga weds King Shantanu and becomes a queen, determined to regain her freedom no matter the cost. But in a cruel turn of fate, just as she is freed of her binding, she is forced to leave her infant son behind.

Her son, prince Devavrata, unwittingly carries the legacy of Ganga’s curse. And when he makes an oath that he will never claim his father’s throne, he sets in motion a chain of events that will end in a terrible and tragic war.

As the years unfold, Ganga and Devavrata are drawn together again and again, each confluence another step on a path that has been written in the stars, in this deeply moving and masterful tale of duty, destiny, and the unwavering bond between mother and son.

Evocation by S.T. Gibson – May 28


After the Devil comes to collect on a deal, death is coming for David, forcing him to reach out to his ex-boyfriend for help. Evocation by S.T. Gibson, the first book in the Summoner’s Circle series, hits shelves on May 28.

Book Description: As a teen, David Aristarkhov was a psychic prodigy, operating under the shadow of his oppressive occultist father. Now, years after his father’s death and rapidly approaching his thirtieth birthday, he is content with the high-powered life he’s curated as a Boston attorney, moonlighting as a powerful medium for his secret society.

But with power comes a price, and the Devil has come to collect on an ancestral deal. David’s days are numbered, and death looms at his door.

Reluctantly, he reaches out to the only person he’s ever trusted, his ex-boyfriend and secret Society rival Rhys, for help. However, the only way to get to Rhys is through his wife, Moira. Thrust into each other’s care, emotions once buried deep resurface, and the trio race to figure out their feelings for one another before the Devil steals David away for good…

What will you be reading in May? Share your picks in the comments below!

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