Hanky Panky: A Mystifying and Campy Outing
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Hanky Panky Review: A Mystifying and Campy Outing Exceeding its Goals

Hanky Panky, a one-of-a-kind offbeat, campy comedy/horror murder mystery, brings together an unusual duo of best friends on a mission to save the world and discover the true essence of love.

Led by an impeccable, star-studded cast, Hanky Panky is an eccentric hour-and-a-half-long comedy-horror indie film that provides the most entertaining ludicrousness with twists and turns while exploring the complexities of love.

The narrative is driven by Sam (portrayed by Jacob DeMonte-Finn), a socially awkward and anxiety-ridden man trying to step out of his shell, and his mysterious partner in crime, Woody (voiced by Toby Bryan), a sentient forever-horny handkerchief with a hidden agenda.

Hanky Panky: A Mystifying and Campy Outing
Hanky Panky | Pictured: Ashley Holliday Tavares as Diane and Jacob DeMonte-Finn as Sam

When Sam mistakenly gets invited to join a group of people for a cabin getaway in the Utah mountains, he’s inadvertently thrown into a fight to save the earth that will require the help of his trusty partner, Woody.

Thus enters the rest of the cast: Lindsey Haun (Trueblood) as Rebecca and Toby Bryan as Norm, a pair of siblings that straddle the line between family and lovers. Then there’s Clare Grant (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Kelly, the mysterious neighbor with a fake country accent and suspicion for all things Rebecca and Norm.

Hanky Panky: A Mystifying and Campy Outing
Hanky Panky | Pictured: Jacob DeMonte-Finn as Sam, Nick Roth as Dr. Crane, and Anthony Rutowicz as Cliff

Ashley Holliday Tavares (Doomlands) plays Diane, Carla’s friend who mistakenly invites Sam to the outing. Christina Laskay and Anthony Rutowicz star as Carla and Cliff, a bickering couple who make the trip under the assumption they’re going on a romantic getaway.

Azure Parsons (Salem) and Nick Roth (Creator, director, and writer) star as Lilith and Dr. Crane, a mysterious couple you rarely see grace the screen at the same time, and Seth Green (Austin Powers, Robot Chicken) as Harry the Hat, the film’s antagonist.

Hanky Panky: A Mystifying and Campy Outing
Hanky Panky | Pictured: Jacob DeMonte-Finn as Sam, Lindsey Haun as Rebecca, Toby Bryan as Norm, Christina Laskay as Carla, and Azure Parsons as Lilith

With power couple Nick Roth and Lindsey Haun at the helm, the comedic elements are front and center, with an absurd amount of laughing to be had from beginning to end. Even in its moments of absolute absurdity, it remains captivating, thrilling, and enticing, keeping the viewers engaged at all times.

Despite being filmed in only two different locations, Hanky Panky works because the entire cast contributes to the overwhelming comedic and horror elements, and you can tell how much everyone enjoyed making the film.

Rutowicz and Tavares’ hilarious, quick quips throughout sneak in at some of the best moments, one being a scene where the two go on a mushroom-induced trip together while unknowingly avoiding certain death.

Hanky Panky: A Mystifying and Campy Outing
Hanky Panky | Pictured: Clare Grant as Kelly

While the idea of watching a classic whodunit indie film revolving around sentient, horny clothing accessories might not sound like an appealing evening task, you are guaranteed to come out of it an hour and a half later red in the face and content with your decision.

The talent who stands out the most for me is Lindsey Haun. From the moment her character is introduced in a weird, Alabama-ish incestual moment of disarray to the ending shots, where we’re treated to a Haun who is serving real-life possessed-by-a-evil-hat-spirit realness, she leaves zero crumbs.

Whether it is a film with a million-dollar budget or an indie flick with a budget of ten thousand dollars, it’s always noticeable when an actor is having unmistakable fun and unequivocally living for their character, and Haun checks all the boxes off the list.

Another actor who really stands out in the film is DeMonte-Finn. As the main character, he played a crucial role in telling the story and did so with great ease, showcasing his versatility as an actor. I am confident that he will make a big impact in mainstream Hollywood in the near future.

Hanky Panky: A Mystifying and Campy Outing
Hanky Panky | Pictured: Lindsey Haun as Rebecca, Toby Bryan as Norm

While Hanky Panky may seem like your typical low-budget sci-fi, comedy, whodunnit film, it’s much more than that. Being an indie film constructed by a team of less than 20 people, it’s evident how much time, effort, care, and prep went into creating this film.

The goal is to make the audience laugh in the face of the nonsense, and it succeeds tremendously.

Arriving just in time for 04/20, Hanky Panky releases on Friday, April 19th, and is the perfect film to light up a joint and ring the day in. Whether it be a sober or inebriated viewing experience, Hanky Panky will surely take you on a wild ride of fun, laughter, and moments of total bewilderment.

Hanky Panky will be available for purchase on Google, Apple, Amazon, and Vudu.

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