Holiday Gift Guide for the Film Buffs, Readers, and Music Lovers In Your Life

We’ve put together a list of holiday gift ideas perfect for those pop culture enthusiasts in your life who enjoy physical media collections, decorations to elevate their bookshelves, and subtle nods to popular franchises.

Whether that special someone you need to buy for is a film buff, avid reader, or a music connoisseur, we have you covered this holiday season with this selection of gifts.

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Gift Ideas for Film Buffs

Barbie (Blu-Ray + Digital) — It just so happens that the year of Barbie is also the year poor streamer practices established how important owning physical media is. You won’t regret adding Margot Robbie’s iconic pink satire or the adorable DVD cover art to your collection.

Barbie Blu Ray DVD

Barbie Gingham Patch Girls Cardigan — Watch Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece in style with this Hot Topic gingham cardigan, inspired by Barbie’s pink beach dress. With gold heart buttons and embroidered motifs from the film, this cardigan is perfect for a cozy movie night on the couch.

Elf (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital) — If you are searching for classics to add to your physical DVD collection, Warner Brother’s Media has released Will Ferrell’s beloved Christmas classic Elf for 4K Ultra HD. Now you can watch Buddy scarf down candy-covered spaghetti and terrorize James Caan in pristine resolution.

The Blockbuster Game: A Movie Party Game for The Whole Family — Craving a hit of movie rental nostalgia and an opportunity to prove your film buff status? This trivia challenge combines the Blockbuster store with a fast-paced card game that requires you to name as many movies as you can.

blockbuster game

The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes Girls Ringer T-ShirtThe Hunger Games franchise is alive and well, thanks to the release of the prequel film Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes. A new movie also means new and better merch for fans of the original films. So show off your support for the Mockingjay’s cause with this stylish ringer tee from Hot Topic.

The Christmas Movie Cookbook — If you have ever watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and yearned for a glass of Clark’s egg nog or Buddy’s sugary spaghetti in Elf, then The Christmas Movie Cookbook by Julia Rutland is the book for you. This cookbook offers a collection of 65 recipes straight from our favorite holiday films.

Movie Decision Dice — Do you spend hours scrolling through streaming services with no clue what film you are in the mood for? The movie decision dice has various popular movie types engraved on each side, so you can roll the dice and narrow your search to a specific genre.

Gift Ideas for Readers

Library Lion Bookends — Let Patience and Fortitude, the marble lions that flank the entrance of the New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, stand guard over your bookshelves with these majestic replica bookends.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series Boxed Set — You should avoid reading a book before watching its adaption, but A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson can be the exception. This soon-to-be TV series follows teen sleuth Pip through three thrilling hometown mysteries. With a gripping podcast format, each reveal in her investigation proves more unnerving than the last.

Six of Crows Special Edition Book Set — What business (does Netflix have canceling Shadow and Bone)? The Crows may have lost their spin-off, but Ketterdam is just a page away. Return to Leigh Bardugo’s beloved series in style with these gorgeous special edition copies of The Six of Crows duology.

Tiny Library Book Nook — Tiny book nooks are the latest bookish trend to take over TikTok; for good reason, they are adorable! If you know someone who enjoys trying new hobbies and is a stickler for detail, then this miniature library will make for a unique gift.

Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt — Rejoice Percy Jackson fans, young and old, for we finally have a licensed Camp Half-Blood shirt from Disney. A replica of the design used in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians TV series, this godly gift will surely delight any fan of Rick Riordan’s middle-grade series.

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase — Add a touch of literary charm to a reader’s living space with these ceramic book vases. From displaying freshly cut flowers to the tools of a writer’s trade, these bookish vases will brighten up any bookshelf while offering extra storage.

Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions — All avid readers secretly want to own all the Barnes and Noble collectible editions. With their old bound leather look and vibrant scroll illustrations, you can purchase your favorite classics and have them look like they fell straight from the shelve of a regal Victorian library.

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Lover Lyrics Pink Poster — Celebrate Taylor Swift’s declaration that we can “leave the Christmas lights up ’till January” with this adorable art print of the festive “Lover” quote from Banana Stand Studios.

Vinyl Record Coasters — Imbue your space with a subtle nod to music with these vinyl record coasters. With a distinct look, vibrant label designs, and a tiny record player to display them on, these coasters are a great way to steer the small talk toward a topic you love.

Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl Records — For those record collectors in your life who have everything, go back into the vault with Urban Outfitters’ collection of elusive vinyl records. From hit Disney Channel Movie soundtracks to retro throwbacks, chances are you will find something unique to your interest and with a fantastic record design to match.

Concert Earplugs — Be a responsible concert-goer and an even better friend by gifting your live venue besties earplugs this holiday season. You can go the stylish route with these Loop brands or seek a more practical pair in your budget range. The concert-goers in your life will thank you later.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes Limited LP — Reward someone’s love for The Hunger Games and their passion for film scores with this gorgeous blue and gold vinyl from Urban Outfitters.

Taylor Swift: And the Clothes She Wears — This year belonged to Taylor Swift, but especially when it comes to the evolution of concert fashion. Her tour wardrobe spawned a trend of era-inspired looks and glittery bodysuit fits. Whether you are researching to recreate one of Swift’s iconic looks or are interested in learning more about her coolest concert fits, this book is a must.

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